New hope for 2015

Assalamualaikum and hi to everyone!

First of all nak cakap yang ajiera dah lama dah tak update post blog ni. Rindu pulak rasanya.. And from now I will starting again to blogging. I hope you can enjoy reading that story yang ntah hape hape or so whatever.. Btw, I missed so much to typing all my story and share with you guys. So, sampai disini sahaja jelah.. Nanti apa-apa yang menarik I will update on this lah.

Anddddddd esok saya last cuti sem. Rabu ni daftar asrama and then Khamis start daftar Kolej. On monday next week I will start our new sem lah.. Hope everythings gonna be okay. Pray for my suceess semua tau.. I will do my best for this sem. Something bad just happened a few month ago and I'm so regret about I want to do my best for my parents for this new year 2015. May Allah swt ease everything for me.. I hope.. Okaylah sampai disina sahaja bicara untuk harini. Bye!

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